Hollie and I decided to watch 2012 for the first time last night. She hates watching suspenseful movies because she always gets super stressed out. It's really cute because she always yells at the screen and curls up in a ball. Even though she knows I haven't seen the movie, she always asks me what's going to happen next. I always just make up stuff to make her feel better like, "Oh they all go out and get ice cream after this!"

Anyway, she was okay after the movie and I didn't have to sleep on the couch :)

People are asking how we have 2012 when it's not on DVD yet... we know the right people :)


Mac Mini Lunch Box

My broken Mac Mini came to me one day and said, "Parker! I'm sick of being a broken computer! Make me better!" He was very demanding, so I made him into something better... a lunch box! (Mac's rule btw) The lid is held on by a set of high powered magnets with spring locks. Just press down on a corner and POP! The lid pops up! You can't exactly fit a huge meal in the MacMini Lunch Box. Maybe you can use it to encourage you to eat less! Or just fill it with candy :)




It looks like we're starting a series :)

Special thanks to Tim for the sketch of Hollie crying. He really captured the intenseness of her emotions :)


My New iPhone Dock Creation

Click here to see my first dock.

There was a mannequin in the dumpster outside my office for some reason. I noticed that the hands looked like they could hold an iPhone if positioned correctly. So, I ripped them off and took them home. After about an hour with my Dremel, I ended up with an iPhone dock :) I showed it to the guys at work and got the same response I alway do with this stuff, "Wow, you have way too much time on your hands." So, I drew different times all of it. Thus, too much time on my hands :) Thanks Nate for the idea!


YouTube Commenters :)

Haha! For whatever reason, the videos of Hollie crying after watching Sci-Fi movies are getting a lot of attention. Tons of YouTubers are leaving comments and some of them are hysterical! Here are a few of my favorites:

"wow shes a life noob" - JyaLeaf1911

"Why this video is so full of win.
a) chipotle napkin. yum
b) xbox360 controller as a remote
c) crying after watching it for the 2nd time in like 5 minutes.

You should do movie requests! Your wife would die after watching "A Land before Time""
- cmasterchoe

"I can't wait until she uses this as evidence at your divorce hearing. She'll get all your stuff, including your camera...then film you crying, while the "Lonely Man" theme from "The Incredible Hulk" plays underneath. Please ask her to upload that ASAP Thanks!" - youareyourownhell

So great :) Special thanks to the following types of commenters:

1. The "FIRST!" guy.
2. The guy who thinks she's acting.
3. The guy who understands that it's funny.
4. The guy who gets mad at me for uploading this.
5. The guy who hates the fact that I'm Christian :)
6. The guy who thinks she's emotionally insane (she's not).
7. The guy who thinks I'm gay.
8. The guy who gives awesome suggestions for more movies.
9. The guy who still lives in his parent's basement.
10. The guy who doesn't understand the humor.

#3 and #8 are cool. The rest... meh ;)


3 Types of Annoying People Part 2

Take this as a light hearted rant.

1. Grocery Cart Guy: I see this all the time and it drives me nuts! Some guy finishes loading his groceries into his car and proceeds to either prop his cart up on the nearest divider, leave his cart in the middle of the empty spot to his right, or roll his cart to a stop directly behind the car parked to his left. Seriously?
Go to any store parking lot and you'll see a pasture of confused carts randomly dispersed like antisocial cattle. It's ridiculous! It amazes me that strategically placed areas, designated for carts, with big signs that say, "CARTS GO HERE", have absolutely no effect on the self-absorbed minds of these shoppers. Do they realize that some poor worker has to go out and wrangle up all of these rogue carts that they left to the side? Are they just not aware of the fact that people can't park in the spot is being occupied by their cart? Are they just too important to walk that cart over to it's designated area with all of its friends?
So, what do I do about this? I help out by not only putting my cart away, I grab at least 3 other carts sitting around put them away as well. It's a sad thing that I've never ran into a situation where I did't have 3 other carts to grab. It's inconsiderate and flat out rude to put your cart anywhere other than the designated cart area. You take up parking spots can cause more work for the guy who has to wrangle up all the carts. Think about other people and walk the 50ft to put your cart away.

2. The Temperature Guy: No, I'm not talking about the guy who fixes your air conditioning unit. That guy is awesome. I'm talking about the guy in your office who constantly adjusts the temperature so he is comfortable. As long as the temperature is perfect for him, everything is just fine. He'll come out ever half hour and turn the dial based on how he's feeling at the time.
The reason this is annoying is because there are other people in the office who don't work well in extreme temperatures. If this guy was normal, the temperature would range from 73 to 76 degrees and he would never need to change the dial as if he was trying to tune a broken radio from the 50s. But alas, he's not normal. He likes it hot or cold... no warm. If he's wearing a sweater that day, chances are you're going to be freezing in your office. Casual Friday means Hawaiian shirts and an indoor sauna. It's even worse when you have two of these guys. It's a constant game of cat and mouse as one turns the temperature up and the other it down shortly after.

So, what do I do about this? I keep a jacket at my desk just incase it gets cold :)

3. The "You think you're..." Guy: We all love him. No matter what your situation, it's nothing compared to his past experience. Maybe you're cold, he has been colder. Super tired? That doesn't come close to that time he had to pull three all nighters while finishing those reports! In fact, you might have some malignant disease... his is terminal.
Every time you mention some discomfort in your life, he'll be the first to jump in and belittle your gripe with, "You're ______! That's nothing! I once _____", or "You think that's bad? I had to _______...." This guy has seen it all, heard it all, and done it all in worst conditions than you. You lack any real pain compared to him. No matter what, he can top you.

So, what do I do about this guy? It's simple. I play into his ego. "Man, it's cold out." I say. "You think you're cold!? I used to work in a meat packing facility that was 30 below!" He boasts. "Really? You're right. I'm not cold at all. In fact, it's really hot! I'm going to wear nothing but my boxers! Thanks for showing me the light!" Then I run off with joy as I start removing my clothes.

I hope you're not one of these guys :|