My first day on IT

Let me explain my background. I come from a rag tag group known as facilities. For over a year, I woke up around 5:30am to get to work by 6am. If you were 2 minutes late, you would be in trouble. No matter what the weather was like, you were outside doing manual labor. You had to constantly watch your back because someone might squat you. You're boss is a man fused to a golf cart, whose soul purpose is to find you and make sure you're working. One guy is responsible for replacing every trash bag on a 120 acre campus. At least four times a week, you have to spend hours in the worship center, unstacking and restacking thousands of chairs. Five days a week, you're in one of the roughest environments known to man. I miss it already :)

But, a man has to move on. I moved to a new team and today was my first day. I now sit in a cubical which is very weird to me. My coworkers seemed pretty cool, but my focus was staying awake! I'm used to activity that early in the morning! I actually felt like throwing up due to lack of exercise :) I was okay though. Hopefully I'll get used to not being outside as often as I used to be.

We'll see!