Five Funny Fotos!

Shootin' Guns!

Earlier today, my wife, father-in-law, his neighbor, and I went to a shooting range in Corona. This was my first time ever shooting a gun! It was a 30/30! In fact, not only was this my first time, I was given the 'privilege' of taking the first shot. Yikes! My father-in-law, Jeff, loaded a round and cocked it back. He handed me the buffalo killing rifle and told me to aim and squeeze the trigger.

I put the target in my sight. My heart was pounding. I had no idea what I was in for! I wanted to see someone else shoot first, but I had to prove that I was man. With the stock of the gun pressed against my shoulder, I slowly squeezed the trigger until... CLICK! Nothing. The safety was on. It turns out this was Jeff's first time shooting too.

I took the safety off, set myself up, aimed, squeezed the trigger and.... BANG!!! I was the epicenter of a huge shock wave of dust. Luckily I was wearing ear plugs! I missed the 80 yard target completely! I was still in shock how powerful it was! Guns in the movies do no justice for what it's really like.

We continued to shoot other guns. We had an AK-47 and a military spec AR-15 (which I later heard is illegal to own). Hollie was too afraid to shoot. Instead, she spent her time taking pictures and collecting shell casings for scrap-booking. I love that girl.

It was really fun and an overall great experience. Now whenever the robot-zombie invasion happens, I'll know how to defend my family.